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Custom Home Design

SimpleAutomation's Custom Design Service will focus on the needs, wants and limitations of your project, ensuring that you get the perfect solution.  No project is too big or too small.  We can work with your architect, designer or builder.  Please contact us for an in home consultation.

Home Theater

Home Theater

We approach each home theater as a specialized venue, precisely designed to meet your aesthetic and practical needs. High performance components enable the subtlest cues to come through vividly and distortion free.

Dedicated Screening Room

Dedicated Screening Rooms are the ultimate expression of home entertainment. These systems include a projector and large format movie screen, large speaker arrays hidden behind fabric walls, and theater seating and strict light control. They can be architecturally basic, recreations of famous venues or based on any number of themes. These rooms are not for your everyday TV watching.

Media Room

Media Rooms are more casual environments, part of the regular living area such as a living room, family room or den. This type of system will usually have a flat panel TV and a digital surround system. In-wall or floor standing speakers are easily integrated into this type of system. Components can be stored in existing room furniture or remotely located in a closet or custom rack. Great for everyday viewing or a movie night.

One Remote
Use a single remote to control your entire home theater instead of the multiple remotes that comes with your equipment.  Your one touch theater setting will turn your TV, receiver, blu-ray player all to the right settings and turn off unused equipment.  It will even lower the lighting levels or shades in the room to create the perfect movie-watching ambiance.


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