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Loud Speakers

Monitor Audio Ltd is a British owned and managed global specialist in hi-fi loudspeaker design. For over 40 years we've been incorporating stereo and surround sound systems and a range of sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra discreet high quality sound around the home and outside.

Whatever your taste and budget you'll discover a Monitor Audio speaker that answers your desire for great sound. Since hi-fi was in its infancy we've dedicated all our technical expertise, innovation and craftsmanship to the creation of world-class loudspeakers, which communicate the essence of our brand and reward the people who buy them. We want you to share and enjoy the blend of style, quality, performance and sophistication that makes Monitor Audio unique.

Our success is not simply a matter of excellent sound quality, although expert listeners around the world will testify to that. It's more about how we deliver the sonic superlatives. By consistently refining and applying our technologies, Monitor Audio has become the world's foremost expert in developing metal dome drivers. Metal is not the easiest material to shape, which is why many of our competitors choose paper or plastic. But it does have amazing properties for more life-like sound reproduction when treated correctly.
The Perfect Third

The Perfect Third works hard to make their in-ceiling and in-wall speakers as beautiful as possible. Most important in their design process is miniaturization — designing their products with ever smaller footprints, while increasing performance. The Perfect Third speakers tend to be significantly smaller and more elegant than a typical speaker, with far superior sonic performance
Their Live-Wall speakers are different.  Completely invisible under paint, plaster, wallpaper. Completely believable, with a direct-radiating, point source design.  Mounted in ceilings, walls, outdoors, even in challenging locations like steam showers, the LW1218 brings music to any room, with the magic of invisibility.
Based in the countryside of Taunus, near Frankfurt, Canton is one of Europes leading loudspeaker manufacturers. For more than four decades they have been developing and producing high quality sound solutions for a variety of requirements. Their product portfolio is one of the most wide-ranging on the market.  Canton manufactures loudspeakers for people with wide variety of lifestyles, technical requirements and personal taste. In order to satisfy all these demands Canton`s portfolio includes five separate product categories: Hifi, Home Cinema, Pro House, Flexidelity and Reference.
   Artisan workmanship, technology and sensitiveness. These are the three fundamental values of Sonus Faber, which are realised in its loudspeakers, an example of excellence in the world of high fidelity sound reproduction. The synthesis between woodworking in the ancient art of lute making and the more modern technologies for the processing of metals, and the perfection of loudspeakers from the Northern European school, is increasingly perfect.

Within the loudspeaker industry leaders... At James Loudspeaker, you will find unprecedented innovation, bringing you excellence in design and quality. Interior, Home Theater, and Landscape Audio speakers and subwoofers offer these these newest technologies: Proprietary ultra-slim driver technology, Adjustable frequency distribution circuit, Centergy dual monaural and our Quad tweeter array design. The result is solid sonic precision specially designed to be of minimal visual presence.

We’re often asked, “What makes a REL a REL?” The answer is simple, but not easy. At REL We approach each music and theater reproduction issue afresh and always ask “What is the optimal way to effect the desired result?”

A REL is a SYSTEM, hence the term Sub-Bass System. Many people mistakenly think that it is the simple addition of a high-level input, but there is so much more to it than that. We strive to build the most reliable subs in the industry – ask any industry-insider. RELs are built like no others because it is quite difficult and costly to execute to our standard. But it is imperative to us that we retain our good name and that begins with products destined to last for years of happy ownership.

These are the enduring principles we think about every day, to make decisions both big and small.

At Bose, we have a passion for doing things that are better. We apply the highest level of scientific inquiry and invention to the discovery of new concepts and the development of new products. We create experiences for our customers that are enlightening, unique and delightful. We seek to develop an environment that challenges us to pursue excellence and to reach our fullest human potential.

At Bose®, we have a passion for doing things that are better. We apply the highest level of scientific inquiry and invention to the discovery of new concepts and the development of new products. We create experiences for our customers that are enlightening, unique and delightful. We seek to develop an environment that challenges us to pursue excellence and to reach our fullest human potential.
KEF has been at the forefront of loudspeaker design and technology for 50 years. Its technical expertise and innovative designs grace anything from discreet Custom Install Ci speakers to multi-award winning home theatre systems and class-leading, serious Hi-Fi stereo speakers. From 1961 KEF has been the most forward thinking and technologically advanced Hi-Fi manufacturer in the world.

Niles is a company focused on providing high–quality products that integrate and distribute home entertainment for the residential and light commercial markets. Throughout its history, Niles has played a major role in transforming whole–house audio/video and home theater from a hobbyist pastime into a thriving, highly professional industry. Niles has grown by continuously refining its existing products, inventing new ones, and always delivering extraordinary value.
    While there are many manufacturers of speakers, RBH Sound is unique in the fact we are one of the few remaining high performance loudspeaker companies still owned by the founder. While other companies have sold out to larger corporations, RBH Sound has chosen to stay privately held. This allows us to be flexible and react to the ever-changing needs of the audio market. It is our mission to "Redefine the Way You Experience Sound". To accomplish this, we engineer and design all of our products. We do not use "off the shelf" designs. Additionally, RBH Sound products are constantly tested and retested to ensure manufactured products are consistent with the design specifications.
    The goal of home theater is not to put you in the movie theater, it is to put you in the movie! And now, as home entertainment systems transition to multi-channel sound, which encompasses home theater, music surround and more, the concept of "virtually" putting you in the action is even more important. Since Atlantic Technology started our corporate journey in 1989 this focus has been our guiding principal. Since then we are proud to say that we have become one of the most highly regarded companies specializing in designing complete high performance multi-channel speaker systems. In fact, we are considered by many to rank right up there with the very top surround sound speaker experts.

By engineering innovative audio products at affordable prices, we have received dozens of industry accolades together with numerous spectacular reviews. And beyond performance, we work exceptionally hard to ensure that our speakers integrate easily and attractively into your home while they´re delivering consistently great movie and music reproduction.

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Located in Oakville, Ontario and serving Mississauga, Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area.