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New England Style Luxury

Square Footage: 5,237sqft above grade, 5 bedrooms, + finished basement
Project Type: Hybrid System - Centralized System on main floor, master and most of basement
Challenge: A new build by a high end custom home builder.  Needed a single system to control lighting and audio with the ability to expand to further integrate video, home theater, security, HVAC, door bell/phone system and cameras while being cost efficient
Benefits: Vantage’s complete automation solution provides an added measure of comfort, security and dramatic lighting scenes. The enhancement of the Vantage system allows the homeowner to enjoy audio throughout the home. The use of sophisticated EasyTouch II keypads allows the owner to alter the mood in the home at the touch of a button. LED backlighting on these keypads was programmed to provide status feedback. The Vantage iPhone App was installed on an iPod Touch, iPhone and an iPad to ensure that the homeowner could control settings from anywhere in the home or from the other side of the globe.  Fireplaces, garage doors and three home theaters can be controlled centrally through the Vantage interfaces.
This home is fully smart-wired and has unlimited possibilites for home automation and integration going forward.  Click here for the real estate listing

InFusion Controller: 1
Infusion Main Power Enclosure 4 Module 36V: 1
Infusion Secondary Power Enclosure 4 Module
Lighting Loads: 60
EasyTouch II Keypads: 25

RFLC Enabler: 1
RFLC Dimmers/Relays: 20
Equinox 40 Touchscreen Interfaces:  1

Bay Audio
Park Stevens PS4D Dual Driver Outdoor Speaker: 1
PC5 - Phantom Ceiling Speakers: 9 pairs
PC5M - Phantom Ceiling Speakers Marine Weather Resistant: 1 pair
Loginex AD102EFAN Flushmount Door Station NK - 2
Logenex C404CR Teledoorbell 4 Door Controller - 1

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1358 Bayshire Drive, Oakville, ON
L6H 6C7.

Telephone: +1 905 337-7111

Located in Oakville, Ontario and serving Mississauga, Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area.