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Commercial Automation
When you require Commercial Audio, Video, Integrated Control Systems and Distributed Sound and Video, SimpleAutomation will provide the perfect solution for your environment and budget.  Just as important, consistent reliability and after sales service is paramount.


    Automation for Business

    You can achieve simplicity, efficiency, and productivity with cost-effective integrated automation and control solutions for today’s technology rich presentation facilities including media-driven presentation facilities with participants in the room or audio conferencing or video conferencing.


    Hospitality Industry
    Automation and entertainment control technology for hotel and resort owners allows your guests to use a single remote to control draperies, lighting, room temperature, room status, television, music and video systems.  Your guests can schedule wake-up calls and make requests for services, giving them the ability to create an environment perfectly suited for their stay.

    Elevator music has been replaced by speakers pumping high energy, high volume music for today's generation of shoppers. Display screens flash music videos and DVD fashion shows, while a pre-programmed, touch-screen console quietly manages the lighting,the media and the mood. SimpleAutomation extends the boundaries of audio & video technology and techniques.

    Bars & Restaurants
    Bars & Restaurants are a hub for entertainment and socializing.  Lighting, sound and televisions are essential to creating an ambiance suited for your clientele.  Automating and controlling these allows you create scenes, colour schemes and the right atmosphere along with energy savings, all controlled from a central panel.

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