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Distributed Audio
Listen to music in every room of your home including the patio pool and jacuzzi. Easily access you iPod, media server CD changer or satellite radio using Touch Panels, Keypads and Volume Controls through Ceiling, In-Wall and Outdoor speakers.

Touch Panels
Distributed Audio Control
Touch panels are LCD video screens built into the wall. Available from 4 inches all the way to 17 inches, touch panels offer endless flexibility.  Control and access lighting, music, video, HVAC and security.  Get information from your iPod and music sources. With a touch panel system you are in control of virtually every system function.
Distributed Audio Control
Keypads are in-wall devices that control many aspects of the system.  You can listen to different sources in different rooms simultaneously.  Access and control you music files with simple controls or turn on/off the system with one button for entertaining.  It's like having a remote control built into your wall.  Easy to use and functional integration.
Volume Controls
Distributed Audio Control
Volume controls conveniently adjust the volume or turn off the music in the room .  It looks like a light switch dimmer.  Available in rotary knob or slider style.  Volume controls are inexpensive and discrete.
Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers
Distributed Audio Speakers
Ceiling and in-wall speakers blend seamlessly with the environment.   They minimize the foot print of your system, yet can provide excellent sound.  The perfect choice when aesthetics is the main goal.
Landscape Speakers
Experience dynamic accurate sound by placing speakers  in countless hidden positions.  They can be aimed perfectly to create sound that suddenly snaps into focus: by the pool, next to guests mingling by the bbq or surrounding the tennis courts. An outdoor performance so discrete it is never found.

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