Sun, Jul 12, 2020 23:26
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Commercial Automation

When you require Commercial Audio, Video, Integrated Control Systems and Distributed Sound and Video, SimpleAutomation will provide the perfect solution for your environment and budget.  Just as important, consistent reliability and after sales service is paramount.




Elevator music has been replaced by speakers pumping high energy, high volume music for today's generation of shoppers. Display screens flash music videos and DVD fashion shows, while a pre-programmed, touch-screen console quietly manages the lighting,the media and the mood. SimpleAutomation extends the boundaries of audio & video technology and techniques.

We can design sophisticated, multi-zone lighting and versatile distribution systems that route multimedia to multiple displays and audio zones. Lighting is fully automated eliminating the task of manually adjusting lights throughout the day allowing for energy smart lighting. Lighting scenes are preprogrammed and managed by photo sensors which allows the system to detect and automatically adjust for daylight, dusk, night and last-call lighting scenes resulting in energy savings.

1358 Bayshire Drive, Oakville, ON
L6H 6C7.

Telephone: +1 905 337-7111

Located in Oakville, Ontario and serving Mississauga, Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area.