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Joshua Creek Retrofit

Square Footage: 3,000, 4 bedrooms, + finished basement, pool
Project Type: Distributed System, RadioLink Retrofit
Challenge: Existing build required a retrofit of the lighting control system and to be integrated with a number of existing audio, security, pool and HVAC products.
Benefits: Vantage’s complete automation solution provides an added measure of comfort, security and dramatic lighting scenes. The enhancement of the Vantage system allows the homeowner to enjoy audio throughout the home. The use of sophisticated EasyTouch II keypads allows the owner to alter the mood in the home at the touch of a button. LED backlighting on these keypads was programmed to provide status feedback. The homeowner has full control of audio, video, lighting, security, HVAC, garage doors, and pool.  The Vantage Equinox App was installed on iPhones and iPads to ensure that the homeowner could control settings from anywhere in the home or from the other side of the globe.  Fireplaces, garage doors and three home theaters are all controlled centrally through the Vantage interface.

 InFusion Controller: 1
Enclosures: 1 Rack mount
Lighting Loads: 65
Scenepoint RadioLink Dimmers: 60
Low Voltage Relay Station: 1
Contact Input Station (DIN): 1
PIR Motion Sensors: 2
Garage Door Sensors: 2
Thermostat: 1
850D DA Distributed Audio: 2 (powering 12 zones)
IRX II – IR & RS232 Control: 2
Accent Point II Dimmers: 1
RadioLink Enabler: 1
RFLC Enabler: 1
RFLC Dimmers: 3
RFLC Lamp Modules: 4
Equinox 40 Touchscreen Interfaces:  2
Equinox 73 Touchscreen Interface: 1
MX980 Remote
MSC400 IR & RS232 Controller
T2-C+ Remote with 2 way feedback
U2 Waterproof Remote
XP-6 IR & RS232 Controller
Sonos Bridge Wireless Network: 1
Sonos Connect Media Server: 1
Sonos Play5 Wireless Media Speaker: 2
RE27 Rack System: 1
D10-PFP Power Distributor: 1
ELITE 15i Power Conditioner/Surge Protection: 1
ELITE 15PFi Power Conditioner/Surge Protection: 1
Bay Audio
Park Stevens PS4D Dual Driver Outdoor Speakers: 1 pair
PC8 - Phantom Ceiling Speakers: 1 pair
LiveWall LW1218 Invisible Speakers
SR-120 7.1 Receivers: 2
SR-8100 7.1 Receiver:  1
Pro XL.3 Outdoor Speakers: 2 pairs
Chrono 502.2 Bookshelf: 1 pair
63SA-7 Small Appeture: 1 pair
QX630 Three Way Speakers: 3
1000PT Powerpipe Subwoofer: 1
EMB1000 Subwoofer: 1
M1000 Subwoofer Amplifier: 1
62SDX In-wall Speakers: 2
63SDX In-wall Speaker: 1
33SDX In-wall Speaker: 2
Ci200R Ceiling Speakers: 1 pair
Ci160R Ceiling Speakers: 1 pair

1358 Bayshire Drive, Oakville, ON
L6H 6C7.

Telephone: +1 905 337-7111
E-mail: info@simpleautomation.ca

Located in Oakville, Ontario and serving Mississauga, Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area.