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User Interfaces Overview

Interface to the Vantage system is provided by traditional and LCD keypads; touchscreens as well as web-enabled mobile devices and handheld remotes. Designed to enhance the décor of any luxury space, the user interface is both sophisticated and intuitive, allowing complete control of all systems, including lighting, climate control and audio/video.

Equinox LCD Interfaces
The Equinox LCD Interfaces represent a bold, overarching initiative that will result in a unified signature physical and graphical aesthetic consistent across all control devices in a Vantage system. They represent the future of Vantage's design philosophy: ultimate simplicity, ultimate consistency and an end to the clutter and confusion that have defined home automation to this point. Equinox 40 marks the introduction of the Vantage Experience Solution with a 4" LDC touch screen.  Equinox 73, a larger 7" in-wall touchscreen showing 3 widgets at a time, will be available in the summer of 2013.  The Equinox line will provide home owners with a consistent user experience on touchscreens, tablets and smart phones.
Vantage Keypad Stations are the primary control points of a Vantage automation system. A single keypad can replace entire rows of standard lighting and low voltage switches with simple backlit buttons that add a sophisticated look to any room. The Vantage system offers unique features such as programmable LEDs that offer customized LED color selections and that dim or brighten based on time of day, custom engraving to enhance usability, and finishes that complement any interior design aesthetic. While Vantage keypads exhibit understated elegance on the outside, they’re built on a strong, reliable architecture, including a two-wire, non-polarized station bus and built-in surge suppression. Keypads are programmed by simply following the software-led installation setup.
The New Equinox 41
The New Equinox 73

Vantage User Interfaces

 Equinox 40 - Thermostat, lighting, scenes and local audio control
 ScenePoint Dimmer in White with TrimLine II faceplate
 ScenePoint Keypad in Black with TrimLine II faceplate
Equinox - One Consistent and Configurable Interface Across All Platforms
    Equinox 41 Now available!  4" - one widget displayed at a time.  Weather, music and lighting widget examples displayed. 
Equinox 73.  7" - three widgets displayed at a time. Make a change on any one device and it automatically propagates to all other devices. Music, lighting and climate control widgets displayed.
Equinox 73 iPad App, also available on Android
Equinox Widgets

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