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Centralized System Overview

Typically installed in new construction projects, the Vantage Centralized Control and Automation System enables sophisticated control of the entire environment at the touch of a button. This system employs electrical enclosures to house Vantage dimmer or relay power modules. Typically located inside mechanical rooms or electrical closets, the enclosures connect directly to the electrical circuit breaker panels, enabling line-voltage control to dim and to switch electrical loads.

In support of the complete lighting system, this design eliminates the need for traditional electrical switches or dimmers placed throughout the living space to control individual lights and loads. Instead, system owners enjoy full system control from attractive and easy-to-use Vantage keypads and touchscreens. These user interfaces provide the maximum amount of control while minimizing wall clutter.

In addition to lighting, the Vantage Centralized System enables control of distributed audio and video, security, climate control, energy management, theater systems and more. The system is accessible from the Internet, through iOS or Android apps for tablets or smartphones, providing complete control of the home from any location.

Vantage Central System

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