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Distributed Audio

Vantage’s distributed audio system lets family members individually create playlists and listen to the music they want in any room, whether the audio source is a CD, MP3 file, network music, or Internet radio. Sources and playlists can be used simultaneously by up to four listeners. The solution includes the 850D Audio Switcher and amplifier and the Digital Music Manager. The entire system is easily controlled through Vantage touchscreens and keypads, which provide the system owner with quick and intuitive access.

850D Multi-Room Amplifier
The Vantage 850D Multi-Room Amplifier is one of the most advanced, dedicated multi-room distributed audio amplifiers on the market. Each 850D has independent or linked volume control on each of eight amplifier/pre-amplifier zones and accepts up to 12 input signals from a wide variety of digital or analog sources including DVD and Blu-Ray players, media servers, CD players, cable and satellite boxes, digital music players, and more. Additional 850Ds may be interconnected, providing up to 72 zones of audio.
Digital Music Manager
Vantage’s Digital Music Manager (DMM) allows system owners to aggregate, view and control all of their digital music on any touchscreen throughout the living space by seeking out all shared digital music files on your home network and integrates them into one seamless music library, complete with metadata and album artwork. The DMM can provide pre-paid subscription access to Internet Radio and stream music from most MP3 players.
InFusion Media
Vantage’s in-wall touchscreens, powered by InFusion Media Client™ Software, provide the ultimate in customizable distributed audio control. Touchscreen designs utilize the simple drag-and-drop functionality along with other design elements like pre-programmed templates and widgets.
Mobile Access
The Equinox app for Android and Apple iOS devices allows you to control your music from anywhere

Vantage Distributed Audio

Vantage 850D Distributed Amplifier
Vantage Equinox 41 Music Widget.
Equinox 73 Full Screen Music Widget

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