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Distributed System Overview

Similar to the Centralized System, the Distributed System enables sophisticated control at the touch of a button for installation in new construction, remodeling and retrofit projects. ScenePoint wallbox control stations communicate via a pre-wired Vantage station bus in the WireLink System or for no-new-wires retrofit applications via RF (radio frequency) communication in the RadioLink or Radio Frequency Lighting Control (RFLC) systems.

This design replaces traditional dimming or switching methods, providing system owners with complete control of their entire system from attractive and easy-to-use Vantage keypads or WiFi/web-enabled devices. These user interfaces provide the maximum amount of control while significantly reducing wall clutter.
In addition to lighting, the Vantage Distributed System enables control of distributed audio/video, security, climate control, energy management, theater systems and more. And, it’s accessible from the Internet or any web-enabled phone, providing complete access and control from any location. 
ScenePoint Dimmer Keypad - WireLink
ScenePoint is a combination standard wall box dimmer and keypad in one device. ScenePoints are powered by the local line feed and replace standard high voltage wall switches. WireLink ScenePoints connect to the Vantage system similar to a keypad via the two-wire station bus.
ScenePoint Dimmer Keypad - RadioLink
ScenePoint is a combination standard wall box dimmer (relay or dual relay) and keypad in one device. ScenePoints are powered by the local line feed and replace standard high-voltage wall switches. Backlit laser engraved technology is also available through the EasyTouch II aesthetic for RadioLink.
Vantage touchscreens complement a completely integrated Vantage system. Powered by Vantage’s InFusion Media software, the touchscreens are available in a variety of sizes. Touchscreens provide system users with immediate access to and control of the entire Vantage experience including lighting, comfort and entertainment.


Vantage RadioLink / WireLink

Vantage Infusion controller, wall mount enclosure, RadioLink enabler, ScenePoint dimmer and RFLC dimmer.  Perfect for a retrofit, remodel or renovation project, designed to scale into the future.

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