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Vantage Equinox 40 Overview

The Equinox 40 LCD keypad is a beautiful single layer user interface with a minimalist on wall presence that provides quick and intuitive control of lighting scenarios, interior climate and audio systems.

This keypad features a glass-to-the edge 4" LCD that automatically adjusts to ambient light – allowing you to read and change settings quickly and simply – even in the dark. And the options for designing a lighting scene or personalized control scenario are unlimited.
Equinox 40 is designed to be the simplest, most straightforward path to immediately accessing lighting control, comfort, and local zone audio. Given its “always on” design, the keypad senses presence, and wakes up with a simple gesture; it’s as reliable and intuitive as a light switch, but with much added functionality. And, with two tactile buttons, it’s incredibly flexible and easy to update as the user’s needs and preferences change. Its Vantage station bus connection also means full compatibility with new and existing InFusion station bus-based systems.

Vantage Equinox 73

Equinox 73 is a high bright LCD touchscreen that is always on and always available. The touchscreen provides immediate control and status for three sub-systems via three vibrant widgets at a time. It offers a simple, smart tablet type navigation experience with complete consistency across EQ 41 touchscreens, EQ 40 keypads, and EQ apps for mobile devices. The EQ 73 dashboard view (homescreen) offers immediate status and control of day to day functions. Navigate to the second or full screen layer for more specific, less used operations. The edit mode layer is then used for users to schedule and update pre-defined tasks.

Vantage Equinox 41

With its minimalistic on-wall presence Equinox 41 functions as a graphical user interface to the Vantage system and provides a personalized dashboard for multi-system control. Key to accomplishing this are the on-screen widgets. Once configured, widgets can easily be edited on the device itself. In addition, individualized profiles can be created based on time of day, location, function, or individual.

Utilizing the power of InFusion and Design Center software Equinox devices come with both a predefined graphical interface and an auto-configuration capability. This predefined environment allows integrators to efficiently create intuitive screens that are consistent with the entire user environment while InFusion provides the ability to completely customize the luxury space.

Vantage Equinox

 Vantage Equinox 40 Demo - Click to Play


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